Both our Killer Coffee Industrial Strength blend and Darkerside blend are made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. Sounds neat, but what exactly does that mean and why is it a good thing?

Arabica is one of the two most produced types of coffee beans today. These species of coffee beans are favoured by cafes and tend to have a sweeter taste, carrying chocolate, nut, berry, and fruity notes and floral aromas.

The other main type of coffee bean is Robusta. These beans carry earthy and bitter flavours: lower quality Robusta is said to taste like burnt rubber.

That doesn’t sound appetising at all. So then, why is Robusta used? The simple reason is it’s cheaper. Robusta plants are less fragile than Arabica plants, able to grow in hotter climates and are less vulnerable to pests, and also produce their fruit more often. This makes Robusta coffee a popular filler or cost-reducer: if you’ve had instant coffee, you’ve probably had Robusta coffee.

That’s not to say Robusta is always bad. Higher quality Robusta beans can be used to add depth of flavour and enhance the crema of an espresso. The harsher bitter taste of Robusta is difficult to avoid however, so we’ve gone with high quality Arabica beans, ethically sourced from businesses accredited by the Rainforest Alliance, in our Killer Coffee blends.

100% Arabica. This means Killer Coffee doesn’t compromise on quality. Our blends are versatile enough to make a complex, nuanced espresso, or enjoyed as a pleasant cup with milk.

Oh, and Robusta coffee is also much higher in caffeine, containing about twice as much as Arabica. How are our blends high in caffeine without using Robusta beans?

That’s our secret.

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