The AeroPress makes an incredibly good cup of coffee for how quick and easy it is to use, which is exactly why it’s becoming so popular among home baristas. Total immersion allows for brewing at a lower temperature and shorter time, resulting in a far smoother cup with minimal acidity whilst extracting robust flavour from your coffee beans.

There’s loads of ways you can use an AeroPress, and just about every step can be varied to alter the end result. You can find all sorts of ideas online – this guide is to provide a starting point, the first step on your journey to AeroPress greatness.

Here’s our simple method for pressing the best out of your Killer Coffee™:

  1. Prepare clean fresh water at a little above 90 degrees Celsius.
  2. Place one paper filter in the AeroPress filter cap. Rinse the filter with the hot water, then twist it onto your AeroPress.
  3. Grind up your beans (or pick our ‘Ground for Plunger’ option) and fill out the included scoop with ground coffee. If you’ve lost your scoop, it’s the same as 17g.
  4. Place the AeroPress over your mug or container and empty your ground coffee into it.
  5. Pour in your hot water. Up to the circular ‘2’ mark on the AeroPress will make an espresso shot, whereas up to the circular ‘4’ is closer to a long black.
  6. Use the included paddle to stir the coffee grounds slurry for about 15 seconds. Put the plunger 1-2cm into the chamber.
  7. Wait and steep for 30 seconds. Your Killer Coffee™ is becoming delicious.
  8. Press down on the plunger, pushing coffee straight into your mug. Plunging should take about 10-20 seconds – listen for a hissing sound that tells you when all the liquid is pushed through.
  9. Add more water or milk (hot or cold) to taste, then enjoy!

No one recipe will make your perfect AeroPress brew. Change things up for yourself, whether that be the ratio of grounds to water, how finely you grind your beans, or how long you let them steep, and find your own way to press your favourite cup.

You can purchase the AeroPress here: AeroPress product page.

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