We’re committed to sustainability. Our compostable Killer Coffee Capsules is one initiative in our continued project to reduce our environmental footprint.

AS4736-2006 Certified

All components of our capsule are certified Biodegradable, Compostable (industrial composting) by the Australian Bioplastics Association (AS 4736-2006 standard) and OK Biobased by TUV Austria. Each component has been certified and tested by official and accredited international independent agencies.

Our capsule is also Aluminium-free; Bisphenol A-free and all components meet all food safety regulations.

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Why should I use compostable capsules?

The biggest gain is avoiding waste to land fill, instead processing them in a controlled environment to turn used capsules into useful compost matter.

Can I put used capsules in my green bin?

Depends on your local council: some accept industrially compostable materials from curb-side collection, but not all. Please contact your local council to check if they accept products to be industrially composted.

These compostable coffee capsules conform to the Australian standard AS4736-2006 can be successfully processed through normal organic recycling processes without concern of soil contamination.

Do these capsules contain plastic or aluminium?

Nope. None.

Are these capsules also recyclable?

These capsules are not suitable for curb-side recycling collection.

Are the capsules home compostable?

These pods are Industrially Compostable: only industrial composting facilities can guarantee the right environment to ensure the whole product can be composted. They have not been tested to determine if they are home compostable.

What are these capsules made from? How long do they take to decompose?

These capsules are composed of natural substances containing biopolymers and cellulose fibres. They fully decompose in 12 weeks.