The Killer Coffee Co. supports the UN Convention on Human Rights and is committed to transparency in its relationships with our supply partners and business operations.

Human rights

Our Coffee Supply partners support the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a Group they commit that:
• All employees are employed of their own free will.
• Local communities can express their concerns to the company.
• We do not tolerate or condone human-rights abuses.
• We do not tolerate or condone corporal punishment or physical oppression.
• When we rely on security staff, we have appropriate standards of conduct and controls in place for them.
• We allow freedom of association – a person’s right to join or leave a group – and collective bargaining – a group of employees’ right to negotiate wages and employment terms.

Labour standards

Our Coffee Supply partners support the principles of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO’s) Declaration of Philadelphia that labour is not a commodity. As a Group we commit to:
• Comply with the national labour laws of all countries in which they operate.
• Pay at least local minimum wages.
• Provide clear terms of employment.
• Ensure working hours are reasonable and comply with national working-time regulations.
• Develop employees’ skills through training.
• Ensure there is an effective grievance procedure available to employees.

Child labour

Our Coffee Supply partners are committed to the ILO convention on child labour and children’s right to an education. They also support the ending of harmful child labour. The following applies to all our companies.
• People aged below 18 are employed only in compliance with local law, UN guidelines and ILO conventions where they may only perform “light work”, must be properly supervised, and their work must not interfere with their physical health or moral development
• They will not employ children under the age of 15.


External certification bodies regularly visit our trading and asset operations to check our certificates and adherence to standards ensuring product quality and product safety. These bodies include:
• Control Union
• Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
• Kiwa PAI
• Validus