Look what just snuck in our loading dock just in time as things start to ☃️❄️❄️❄️☃️

These “All New” Killer Beanies will warm your top end right and available to purchase later this week. 🖤🦾🖤

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So pumped the weekend is over! ...

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A truly unique batch of Killer is currently ageing in a 30 year old ex-distillery rum barrel over the next 3 weeks.

During this time your beans will be sucking up all those rum flavours in readiness to make your pie hole very, very, very, happy!

However, please understand that due to barrel capacity limits we are anticipating stock will not stick around so, first come, first served.

Stay tuned for official announcement 2 weeks from now.

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Just a reminder to the army of you that pre-ordered the gold espresso sets that these will be finishing production in the coming week and we will be working at blistering pace to get these out earlier than intended if possible. 🤘 ...

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Only those who drink us would understand this. ...

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@justdipit_sydney showing the magic of hydro dipping. We tested, the water with this AeroPress and the results speak volumes as to why we will use them for the French Press project! They truly are the 💣💣💣 ...

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So who pre-ordered this seriously sexy espresso cup embellished with our logo in real gold? ...

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Home is where the heart is, and my heart is wherever there is an espresso machine. 🖤 ...

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#amiright? ...

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@braydenlambkin showing how he starts his mornings whilst giving our brand some serious photography love! 🤜🤛 ...

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#facts ...

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They said we couldn’t do this so, that’s why we did! Now you can be fancy and bad ass all at once with our strictly limited edition gold logo porcelain espresso set. ☠️☠️☠️ ...

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Our Sydney Roastery in action for your viewing pleasure.

Shout out to the team @megaphone.media For being true professionals 🙏

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When we start buying 30yr old distillery barrels you just know some serious s#%* is going on! To describe the smell as intoxicating is an understatement.

Once we’ve nailed the recipe (we are so close) this will be announced and available to buy online.

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Hmm... buy Killer Coffee and go in the draw for a full Track day experience in this 20th anniversary Edition Exige Sport 410?? What do you think? 🤔🤔🤔 ...

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3rd shot of the day inbound! What’s everyone else up to? ...

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emma_bowman__ @emma_bowman__
Girls with guns fully caffeine loaded #pewpew 🔫 I'll be the one drinking coffee out my gold bullet 💁🏼‍♀️ @killercoffeeco .

#caffeineaddict #killercoffeeco #goldplated #girlswithguns
__a.n.dre.a__ @__a.n.dre.a__

New lip stain + new coffee cup = great start to the week.
Cheers to the kick ass crew at @killercoffeeco
#holdsallthecoffee #rlybigcup #mybrotherwantstostealit
rhiannon_oloughlinxox @rhiannon_oloughlinxox

Sunday’s are for sleep ins and
drinking my Fave @killercoffeeco in bed..

Just don’t spill it
lahneeland @lahneeland
Caught deep in thought,
About hot wet darkness,
Warming my insides,
So smooth and delicious,
The taste on my lips.....
Mmmmm #coffee ☕️ ??
shooter03 @shooter03

Shout out to the crew at @killercoffeeco for the sick beach towel. Taking full advantage of this beautiful #AustraliaDay weekend down @ #phillipisland
jaywolf713 jaywolf713 post photo @jaywolf713

Ready to kill ?some coffee ☕️ . Just got my new bullet coffee flask from @killercoffeeco .
shaecycle shaecycle post photo @shaecycle

When you could #killforacoffee ! ☕☕☕ Don't be scared! It may be really really strong but it's smooth and bitter free ☕ #killercoffeeco
crazymoviebae crazymoviebae post photo @crazymoviebae

After 6 days straight of minimum 9 hour shifts.... I get to study in my pjs and drink my coffee all day. #thankgod #littlemiracles #praisecoffee
bobbitaylorr @bobbitaylorr

beanie szn baby
thevinopups thevinopups post photo thevinopups

If you find the lack of caffeine in your coffee disturbing come to the #darkerside with @killercoffeeco beans #coffeetilitsokforwine #french_approved
seaborncreative @seaborncreative

How I feel after a @killercoffeeco 😂😂