Killer Coffee™ Craft Chocolate Bars 4-Pack


A true match made in heaven. Premium craft chocolate from scratch combined with the rich, smooth, strong yet bitter-free taste of Killer Coffee, this is a seriously addictive treat that charms coffee lovers and chocolate lovers alike. Go on, have a bite. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop.

You Get:
4x Killer Coffee Craft Chocolate Bar 80g: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Mixed (2 of each)

Clear Selections

The Killer Coffee Craft Chocolate Bar is made from cacao beans sourced from Papua New Guinea, grown in volcanic soil and high in nutritional value, refined using stone grinders for a delicious pure chocolate. This is combined with the taste you know and love: our famous hand-selected blend of 100% arabica coffee beans, carefully cleaned and precisely roasted to bring out maximum flavour and strength. With no preservatives or substitutes, what you get is treat of pure high-quality chocolate and arabica coffee. And it tastes even better than you imagine.

Pick Dark Chocolate for a vegan-friendly option.


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