Hydro Dipped French Press


Some paint their ride, we paint our coffee makers. We’ve worked with the fine folks at Just Dip It Sydney to create a truly custom work of art that’ll also make your morning cuppa: Custom Hydro Dipped French Presses, available in two different designs.

Clear Selections

The favourite brewer for coffee lovers worldwide just got some sexy ink. Each Hydro Dipped French Press is a product of hours of work, the end result being a quality finish that matches getting your ride a professional paint job, making for a truly unique collectable that you can not only show off and brag about, but still use to brew up some damn good coffee. Hydro dipping is a unique process for applying graphics to almost any three-dimensional object. There's a lot of preparation involved: the team at Just Dip It Sydney need to sand and scuff up (if needed) the item, prime it, apply a base coat and a clear coat to protect it, just like painting a car. The difference is the extra step in between base and clear coating, the dipping process that wraps our humble coffee maker in a sweet new design and turns it into something really special.
The French Press itself is the one you know and love:
  • 400mL capacity.
  • Stainless steel plunger & filter. Extra-fine mesh, so no stray coffee grounds in your brew.
  • High-fired ceramic, the favoured material for specialty coffee. Withstands high temperatures, long lifespan.
  • Retains temperature better than glass and stainless steel alternatives.
  • Bamboo sleeve. Anti-scald, removable, and super stylish.


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