Killer Coffee™ Capsules + Skull Glass


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Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. Really Strong Coffee, on the go.

The perfect apparatus for consuming deadly levels of caffeine. Win the hearts of mates and family with our exclusive Killer Coffee™ Skull Glass! Seriously, this will turn heads.

You get:
1x Killer Coffee™ Nespresso Capsules Pack (blend, amount of capsules of your choosing)
1x 150ml Skull Glass

Our Darkerside™ capsules are 100% biobased, compostable, biodegradable.
Our Killer™ capsules are recyclable. When saving the planet, please remember to remove the foil covering.

  • Reviews (45)

    1. Greg Britt

      I bought grounds for the convenience but fresh ground beans are a step up.

    2. Anonymous

      great coffee; great taste; not bitter at all; my only negative would be that it doesnt filter well in my expresso machine; I may need to grind it more. (bought ground not beans)

    3. Michael P

      Killer coffee is the ultimate drop

    4. Ian

      Found this coffee by chance on Facebook read most of the reviews and we’ll let just say I’ve rarely seen reviews at 5 Out 5 On all their coffee products, this coffee is outstanding packs a punch without any bitterness whatsoever and the free skull cup is an awesome way to a cup of joe Highly Recommend

    5. Simon

      Took a bag on ship thinking it will last me for my month on!! Let 2 of my shipmates have a taste!! Gone in 10 days brilliant drop

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