Killer Coffee™ + AeroPress

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Ideal with the ‘GROUND PLUNGER’ option.

Need to get your caffeine hit quick, without compromising on flavour? Killer Coffee™ and the Aeropress is your match made in heaven.

Smooth, Rich, Pure & Fast Coffee & Espresso Ground Coffee

Aeropress is compact, sturdy and produces minimal mess, making it an ideal coffee companion for home or on the go. Coffee grounds are brewed with full immersion and then pushed through a paper filter (or metal filters), to create a smooth, rich and grit-free coffee. The whole process takes just two minutes from ‘go to flow’.

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee™ Bag (blend, weight, and grind of your choosing)
1x AeroPress Kit (includes 350 Filters)

Aeropress video tutorial: Click Here
This AeroPress kit comes with paper filters. Please note we do not offer the stainless steel filter shown in the video.

Clear Selections

106 reviews for Killer Coffee™ + AeroPress

  1. Nichola

    Great and easy to use

  2. Greg

    Yes, it was as easy to use the aeropress as stated and the coffee as excellent as promised.

  3. Jill

    Love this coffee and love the Aeropress

  4. julianvreug1

    Just got the aeropress in the ultimate dad pack. I love strong smooth coffee so espressos from my Breville Pro series machine was the taste i have been looking for for a very long time. Strong and smooth no bitterness or burnt flavour, and yes with a punch of caffiene. The aeropress though tastes so far like french press coffee havent got a nice coffee yet from it but still experimenting, keep reading its the best coffee but yet to experience. Not sure what to expect. Maybe expecting it to be like the delicious syrup that comes out the breville, maybe im just using to much coffee. It is easy to use, easy to clean, i can see how it will make a good coffee. But its something you need to experiement with and not use one and put aside because you made a bad coffee. Maybe its just because i only have instant hot water at work and should really try it at 80degrees from the the kettle. I know one thing brings back the science of making a perfect cup 🙂

  5. jake

    just got my killer blend and aeropress ….. im a fan …strong smooth harty coffee …if your a fan of strong coffee just get it .. ??

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