Killer Coffee™ White & Black Mug (Add-On)

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ADD-ON PRODUCT: This product is purchase-able with orders containing one or more coffee products.

Our classic Killer Coffee™ Mug but, in white! A fan-favourite since forever. Ceramic, 400mL capacity, the perfect size for guzzling down the Strongest Coffee you’ll ever have.

Dishwasher safe & microwave safe.

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7 reviews for Killer Coffee™ White & Black Mug (Add-On)

  1. Brad

    Great cup. Big size & comfy handle. The colors of the cup look fantastic too.

  2. shellpeters

    These are exactly the right size to fit under my coffee machine- so I can drink my delicious killer coffee.

  3. Kurt Fletcher

    Perfect morning coffee cup…. It was that good… I need more…

  4. Dylan Vecera

    Got one for free with my subscription, been with them for 5 months now, best way to get your coffee and best part if you run out early it’s one click to move your next order forward, cheers heaps killercoffee easiest way to get the best coffee and thanks for the amazing mug going to order a couple more 😁

  5. Nathan Henderson

    Was surprised at how well this Mug was made. I knew it would be good, but wow! Perfect size as well.

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