Killer Coffee™ Cold Brew in a can ( 8 Pk )

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Our ALL-NEW Killer Coffee™ Cold Brew Coffee is here and ready to show everyone who the real boss is when it comes to drinking black magic chilled!

Featuring our smooth, rich, Industrial Strength Killer Coffee™ which uses only the best Arabica beans we’re feeling cocky that we’ve created a new benchmark for what cold brew should taste like! Make no mistake, each can has a serious caffeine punch and better yet are completely free of nasty chemicals or stabilisers found in other products on the market.

Our cold brew cans be stored warm or cold so, whether you’ve got limited fridge space or are hitting the road for a last-minute weekender, our cold brew won’t go funky on you or force you to search out drinking #$@$ coffee.

What you get:
8 x 250ml Killer Coffee™ Cold Brew Coffee Cans

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1 review for Killer Coffee™ Cold Brew in a can ( 8 Pk )

  1. xinyitan99

    A bit on the bitter side, but great when in a hurry and no time to brew your own. Have to drink water alongside it to combat the bitterness. Highly recommend Darker Side beans for a home cold brew if you have time for a better and less bitter taste.

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