Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

(63 customer reviews)


The Renegade Roasters™ have shown no mercy with this deadly blend
The Killer Coffee’s evil twin brother
Coffee bound to make your bones rattle
Come to the Darkerside

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Bag or Capsules pack (weight and grind of your choosing)

Our Darkerside Capsules are 100% compostable & biodegradable (certified AS 4736) when disposed of at a commercial compostable facility. Check with your local council for nearest facility.

Clear Selections

63 reviews for Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

  1. Chris Hull

    The darkside blend of killer coffee got me all like

  2. Sian

    Was expecting this to be heart pumping good but after 5 minutes of drinking it I was yawning. Wasnt really much difference to the Killer coffee but being a caffeine addict, maybe it was just me and not the coffee. Will give it another shot and see how I go.

  3. Kaleb

    Will to live in liquid form, Ive tried everything and this is a whole different beast and the only reason I go to work, all while being smooth as.

  4. Jack

    As it promises ITS STRONG. Will i buy it again most definately

  5. Michael

    Smooth flavour with one hell of a kick, definitely one of the best coffees Ive ever had!

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