Killer Coffee + Free Hand Grinder


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Smash out the good stuff yourself with this free hand grinder deal!

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee™ Bag (blend, weight and grind of your choosing)
1x Stainless Steel Hand Grinder

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    1. Anonymous

      Killer coffee gives that caffeine kick required to start the day. The rich colour and taste offer a smooth drink without any bitter aftertaste. Recommend to those who enjoy a strong brew.

    2. Anonymous

      Bought coffee and hand grinder package. Coffee is really good, grinder was a bit fiddly to get the grind right. Overall great coffee.

    3. Anonymous

      Great coffee : I give this to staff at work and they love it.

    4. Anonymous

      Nice flavour, nice aroma and strong as hell. Perfect for 12 hour night shifts. As with most coffee beans the flavour will change once bean bag has been opened with contact with air. I think a reasonably priced vacuumed sealed container would be a great product to offer to customers to maintain the great taste of this coffee. Cheers

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  • Grab a bunch of our Killer beans and smash out the caffeine with your bare hands. Or use this free Hand Grinder. Whatever works.

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    Killer, Killer Darkerside Blend


    1kg Beans, 2x200g Beans