Killer Coffee™ Press Pack

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Press the best out of Australia’s Strongest Coffee with the brand new Press Pack! All you need to make a great morning cuppa.

Yes, those are little skulls on the mug.

First time with the French Press? Get started with our tutorial: Click Here

Killer Coffee™

It's time for some real coffee. The rich, smooth Industrial Strength, or the death-defying Darkerside.

  • Killer Coffee Industrial Strength Blend

    Full-Bodied Flavour
    Rich, Smooth, Bitter-Free

  • Darkerside Blend

    Roasted Pitch-Black
    Intense Coffee Kick

  • Beans

    Whole Beans, Roasted to Perfection

  • Ground Coffee Plunger

    Coarsely ground
    For Plungers, Percolators, Drip & Filter Brewers

  • Ground Coffee Espresso

    Finely ground
    For Espresso Machines

  • Capsules

    For Original Nespresso Machines

  • 2x 200g Bags
  • 1kg Bags
  • 40 Capsules
  • 100 Capsules
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French Press

The plunger. The press pot. The cafetière à piston. The French Press is a simple and elegant device favoured by coffee lovers around the world for creating an earthy, rich and creamy-bodied cuppa.
450mL high-fired ceramic. Good to go with our 'Ground for Plunger' option.

More details on the product page.

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Killer Coffee™ Skull-Patterned Mug

A new challenger has arrived: the brand new Killer Coffee Skull-Patterned Mug is now available! High-quality ceramic decorated with a sexy skull decal, this is the coolest coffee cup around!

280mL capacity.

$15.00 $13.00 each

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More Killer Coffee™!

Another bag? Try our other blend, or get a different grind option.

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