Killer Coffee™ Skull Glass Bundle

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The perfect apparatus for consuming Australia’s Strongest Coffee. Win the hearts of mates and family with our Killer Coffee™ Skull Glass! Seriously, this will turn heads.

Get one of our Skull Glasses completely FREE with this bundle deal!

Killer Coffee™

It's time for some real coffee. The rich, smooth Industrial Strength, or the death-defying Darkerside.

Clear Selections

Skull Glass

The more awesome your coffee looks, the better it tastes. It's science. Holds 150mL. One comes free in this bundle deal!

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Skull Glass

Skulls for the Skull Throne! Max quantity 2, because we don't want to run out.

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Another bag? Try our other blend, or get a different grind option.

1 review for Killer Coffee™ Skull Glass Bundle

  1. Beckkozak77

    Besides getting the best coffee ever, this lil skull cup is the cutest! It holds a cuppa perfectly!

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