Killer Coffee™ Travel Mug 355mL (Add-On)

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ADD-ON PRODUCT: This product is purchase-able with orders containing one or more coffee products.

Because whether you’re going to work, headed to the gym, or just hanging out, you’re gonna need a coffee.
The brand new Killer Coffee Travel Mug has arrived! Fit with a drip-proof flip-top lid and double-walled to keep the hot stuff hot, this one-serve stainless steel flask is the perfect companion.

355mL capacity. This item is not dishwasher safe.

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8 reviews for Killer Coffee™ Travel Mug 355mL (Add-On)

  1. tpforrest1970

    I’ve got one of these they’re fantastic! Filled mine before a 350km drive and still had hot coffee at the end of it!

  2. John Clatworthy

    These non spill flasks are great. I take my killer coffee in it to work everyday. I’m ordering one for the wife now. Get one!

  3. Katya

    I use this at work especially on night shifts. I can make an iced coffee before work and it will still have ice cubes after 12 hours

  4. Carly

    Best ever travel mug keeps it so warm and tasty for hours.

  5. Robyn

    Keeps coffee hot for hours, awesome travel mug you won’t bedisappointed

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