Killer™ Rum Infused Bundle


A truly Killer gift!

One of two new killer liquor-infused gift bundles that just make sense! Killer Coffee™ with a twist, craft chocolate of your choice, and skulls glasses added in for good measure. Can someone say “Winning?”

Savour that Caribbean flavour with the return of our super popular Rum Infused Killer Coffee™! A winning combination of our famous Industrial strength blend infused with the subtle flavours only a great rum can produce.

Then, if that wasn’t enough we also added our premium craft chocolate made from scratch combined with the rich, smooth, strong yet bitter-free taste of Killer Coffee. This is a seriously addictive treat that charms coffee lovers and chocolate lovers alike and rounding off the set with two of our sick killer embellished skull glasses to boot!

You Get:
2x 200g Rum-Infused Coffee Beans (Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength blend)
4x Killer Coffee™ Craft Chocolate Bar 80g: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Mixed (2 of each)
2x Killer Coffee™ Skull Glasses

Strictly while stocks last. *Infused coffee beans contain trace amounts of alcohol (too little to be measured)

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