Killer™ Survival Pack

Battling the elements stranded on a deserted island? No worries: the Killer™ Survival Pack has got you covered with everything you need to enjoy your favourite mug of black magic, filled with a caffeine hit that’ll boot you right back to civilisation!

The Aeropress works best with our ‘GROUND PLUNGER’ option – straight from the bag, ready to squeeze out the good stuff.

You get:

1x Killer Coffee™ Bag (blend, weight and grind of your choosing)
1x Aeropress (includes 350 Filters)
1x Hand Grinder
1x Killer Bullet Flask™ (holds 450mL)

Aeropress video tutorial: Click Here

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  1. Nathan

    Got this pack for my wife, she likes the taste of the coffee, and I love that she stays up late after a cup 😉

  2. Manfred

    Wake up excited for the daily grind every morning! Be sure to grab some dark side on the side. 🙂

  3. Harry

    The bullet flask is terrific, made of a metal container and plastic lid, it is tough and keeps the coffee warm (as well as lookin hella rad). The aeropress kit is an absolute steal (usually retail for $50), a great way to make espresso OR long black coffee, without the mess and really quickly. The coffee itself has more bark than bite, smelling quite strong but tastes smooth with a slight coconutty flavor. The combo gives you the complete set of what you need to enjoy both this coffee and others. 11/10 will pull an all nighter with no problems at all thanks to this coffee.

  4. Anonymous

    Worth Every Cent. Out of all the coffees i have tried, this has the best flavor by far. I was surprised how smooth the taste was. The amount of caffeine is perfect for me. I have always had instant coffee because of the convenience but this kit has made it almost as convenient. The aeropress is very easy to use and clean. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  5. Michelle Stanton

    My brother sent me a Killer Survival Pack from Australia to New Zealand after I told him my woes of a baby that don’t sleep but mumma still gotta work. Suffice to say he is now my favourite brother! (Ok, so my only brother but that’s not the point). The coffee is divine – strong yet smooth – and the aeropress makes it super easy to load up the thermos of a morning to get me through at least the first part of the day with a smile and some functioning brain cells!

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