Rum-Infused Killer Coffee – 2x200g Beans


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Killer Coffee like never before. We’ve taken our famous Industrial Strength blend and aged it in 30-year-old oak rum barrels to create a truly unique Killer Coffee experience. With the full, rich flavour you know and love infused with the distinct sugarcane sweetness of rum, this combo will take your tastebuds on a trip over the high seas and back.

You Get:
2x 200g Rum-Infused Coffee Beans (Killer Coffee Industrial Strength blend)

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Feeling adventurous? We're sailing straight into an unexplored frontier with this truly unique blend of flavours. Our coffee beans have been aged in a 30-year-old oak rum barrel to impart the distinct flavours and characteristics of rum, mixing sugarcane sweetness and woody, clean character with the familiar dark chocolate and caramel notes and rich, full-body of our Industrial Strength blend. The result is even more delicious than it sounds.

Rum flavour infusion by aging in 30-year-old oak rum barrels. Infused coffee beans contain trace amounts of alcohol (too little to be measured).


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