Killer History

Our Story

We started with a drive for expertly roasted, seriously good brews in the world of specialty coffee, honing our skills and obsessing over quality beans. But something was missing... a serious kick, a boldness that defied the usual "complex" brews. So we mastered the art of the dark roast, transforming those top-tier beans into something truly intense.

That's how Killer Coffee was born. Our passion: to power you through your adventures and challenges with delicious brews that jolt you awake and keep you going. From that fateful day in 2014 since, that mission has fueled everything we do, from sourcing the best beans to pushing the limits of what coffee can be.

The Roastery

This is where the magic happens, where raw potential meets a whole lotta fire. Our Master Roaster, Aaron, he's a coffee mad scientist, sourcing the best beans from around the world and transforming them into flavour bombs. We're obsessed with getting the roast just right: every rumble of the roaster, every crackle of a bean, tells the story of our obsession with crafting damn good coffee.

We know you can taste that dedication in every cup. That’s why this ain’t just some factory floor: it's part laboratory, part battlefield, where we take quality seriously and push the limits of what coffee can be.

This is Killer

You won’t find boring brews here. Our coffee is about bold flavours, packed with the kind of intensity that fuels adventures, not just mornings.

We’ve got beans for grinders, pre-grounds for all sorts of brewers, as well as capsules, easy-to-use drip coffee bags, and ready-to-drink cans, so we’ve got you covered no matter what challenges you’ve lined up.

This ain't your average cup of joe. Ready to taste the difference?

Awesome Merch

We're more than a great cup of joe. Killer's about living life wide awake, pushing limits, and doing it all with a whole lotta attitude. Our merch ain't just about looking good (though it's damn fine at that too), it's for rockin' that style wherever you go.

Gear up and join the rebellion. Hoodies to rep your defiance of weak mornings, tees that scream "caffeine fiend", mugs and tumblers that fuel your hustle. This is how you show the world you're part of the crew.

The Killer Crew

We're Australia's favourite morning wake-up call, and we've got a whole army of caffeine-fueled rebels out there proving it. Grinders and crushers, adventurers and creators, all united by our love of strong coffee and our refusal to settle for less.

Ready to live life on full throttle?


We believe great coffee shouldn't come at the expense of the planet or the people who grow it. We work directly with farmers committed to ethical and sustainable practices. From careful bean sourcing to thoughtful packaging, every step of our process is driven by our dedication to minimising our footprint.

More than just feel-good buzzwords, this is about making choices that ensure a better future for everyone – from coffee growers to coffee drinkers. Because killer coffee should taste good and do good.