Our Coffee

Seriously strong coffee ahead. There’s no better way to wake the hell up.
Full-bodied and deliciously smooth, Killer Coffee carries a real punch with no compromises on taste.

Australia's Favourite Morning Wake-Up

Killer Coffee's been hooking the boldest and bravest since November 2014.

Delivering across the nation straight out of our Sydney-based roastery, our three blends are brimming with exceptional flavour and death-defying strength.

What's Special About Killer Coffee?

It all starts with top-shelf beans, handpicked for maximum flavour.

Those beans go through a meticulous cleaning and roasting process, crafting full-bodied, deliciously smooth coffee. Unmatched intensity, yet none of that burnt ashy aftertaste you'd get from other dark brews.

Strong yet Bitter-Free

Killer Coffee has been lab tested to contain 180 mg of caffeine per 100ml. A serious caffeine hit, but that ain't all.

We roast with precision, unlocking a real kick to the tastebuds along with rich bold flavour that'll make your morning.

Seriously strong, minus the bitter taste — this is strong coffee done right.

Industrial Strength

Milk chocolate - Honeycomb - Lamington

This is the blend that put Killer Coffee on the map. Handpicked Arabica beans, each expertly roasted to perfection, then blended for a taste as intense as the caffeine kick.

Industrial Strength is a dark roast that delivers full-on flavour without the bitterness that plagues lesser brews, with bold caramel notes, a velvety finish, and a jolt that'll power you through anything.


Cocoa - Caramel popcorn - Vanilla flan - Chocolate ganache

Fans challenged us to make an even stronger blend, and we replied with no mercy.

Roasted to the absolute limit, this blend is pure liquid insanity. Dark, intense, and strong enough to kickstart a coma patient, one sip and you'll be questioning your life choices (but damn, will you be awake).

This’ll make your bones rattle. Think you can handle it? Come to the Darkerside.

Medium Roast

Dark chocolate - Salted caramel - Vanilla

Our middle finger to basic brews, a full-bodied flavour bomb that packs a punch with a premium-quality depth and complexity that'll make you rethink everything you know about coffee.

Our roasters are like coffee ninjas, unlocking the hidden depths of each bean with years of experience and the latest tech, creating a balanced cuppa with rich, dark chocolate notes mingling with subtle vanilla.

But don't be fooled by the "medium" label. This is coffee with teeth, a satisfying kick that'll wake you up and keep you going without the overwhelming intensity of a darker roast.


We get it, some mornings are war zones. You've got seconds to spare, and the thought of grinding beans feels like a cruel joke. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for wimpy caffeine water. Killer Coffee capsules bring our intense, full-flavoured blends straight to your Nespresso® machine. Just hit the button and BOOM – a jolt worthy of the name.

These ain't just convenient; they're built better. Our aluminium capsules lock in freshness, protecting the flavour of those killer blends, and they’re 100% recyclable while they're at it. Killer Coffee in record time, without sacrificing taste or the planet.


Down your dose of the good stuff whenever and wherever you want with a canned revolution that’s ready to rumble.

Cold brewed with real arabica coffee, this ain't the artificial stuff from the supermarket shelf: these cans are an all-natural kick, cold brewed from our famous Industrial Strength blend. Crack open a Killer for the on-the-go wake-up call that doesn’t just knock; it breaks in.

KILLER Rip 'n Drip

Revolutionise your coffee ritual with Rip ‘n Drip, your ticket to an unchained coffee experience, anytime, anywhere. Brewed in a minute with absolutely no compromise on taste and quality, you’ll never have to miss your daily dose of caffeine again.

Perfect for the wild at heart – whether you’re scaling a mountain or conquering the urban jungle, just rip, drip, and flip the world on its head with the best pour-over you’ve ever dared to taste.