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Killer Coffee™

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Australia’s favourite morning wake-up.
Two delicious blends carrying real punch, and no compromise on the taste of high-quality Arabica coffee.

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6 reviews for Killer Coffee™

  1. D

    The original, and the best! Do not settle for the recent imitations trying to use familiar iconography, Killer is the absolute best! I enjoy a double shot darkerside, in most coffees this would be bitter as hell – Killer not at all!

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Killer Coffee Industrial Strength is a medium to dark roast, rich and pleasant blend with strong flavour, notes of caramel, a smooth finish, and zero bitterness.

The very dark roasted Darkerside blend carries an extreme coffee kick in its full-bodied flavour, finishing off with a smooth and intense aftertaste.

We’ve dared to create the strongest coffee Australia has to offer — and we’ve succeeded.
Think you can handle your caffeine? You haven’t tried ours.

Australia’s Favourite Morning Wake-Up

Killer Coffee™ has been hooking the boldest and bravest since November 2014.

Developed by our Renegade Roasters™ at our boutique Sydney-based roastery, Killer Coffee is a blend of three hand-selected Arabica beans brimming with exceptional flavour and death-defying strength.

What’s special about Killer Coffee™?

The deliciously smooth taste of Killer Coffee starts with the highest quality Arabica coffee beans.

Each bean variety is carefully cleaned and roasted for the perfect time and temperature to bring out maximum flavour and strength, yet with none of that ashy aftertaste you get from other coffees.

Strong Yet Bitter-Free

Killer Coffee™ has been lab tested to contain 180 mg of caffeine per 100ml.

Our exacting roasting process means our famous blends deliver a real kick to the tastebuds along with the rich flavour of a damn good coffee. Seriously strong — minus the bitter taste.

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emma_bowman__ @emma_bowman__
Girls with guns fully caffeine loaded #pewpew 🔫 I'll be the one drinking coffee out my gold bullet 💁🏼‍♀️ @killercoffeeco .

#caffeineaddict #killercoffeeco #goldplated #girlswithguns
__a.n.dre.a__ @__a.n.dre.a__

New lip stain + new coffee cup = great start to the week.
Cheers to the kick ass crew at @killercoffeeco
#holdsallthecoffee #rlybigcup #mybrotherwantstostealit
rhiannon_oloughlinxox @rhiannon_oloughlinxox

Sunday’s are for sleep ins and
drinking my Fave @killercoffeeco in bed..

Just don’t spill it
lahneeland @lahneeland
Caught deep in thought,
About hot wet darkness,
Warming my insides,
So smooth and delicious,
The taste on my lips.....
Mmmmm #coffee ☕️ ??
shooter03 @shooter03

Shout out to the crew at @killercoffeeco for the sick beach towel. Taking full advantage of this beautiful #AustraliaDay weekend down @ #phillipisland
jaywolf713 jaywolf713 post photo @jaywolf713

Ready to kill ?some coffee ☕️ . Just got my new bullet coffee flask from @killercoffeeco .
shaecycle shaecycle post photo @shaecycle

When you could #killforacoffee ! ☕☕☕ Don't be scared! It may be really really strong but it's smooth and bitter free ☕ #killercoffeeco
crazymoviebae crazymoviebae post photo @crazymoviebae

After 6 days straight of minimum 9 hour shifts.... I get to study in my pjs and drink my coffee all day. #thankgod #littlemiracles #praisecoffee
bobbitaylorr @bobbitaylorr

beanie szn baby
thevinopups thevinopups post photo thevinopups

If you find the lack of caffeine in your coffee disturbing come to the #darkerside with @killercoffeeco beans #coffeetilitsokforwine #french_approved
seaborncreative @seaborncreative

How I feel after a @killercoffeeco 😂😂

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