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Revolutionise your coffee ritual with Rip ‘n Drip Coffee Bags, your ticket to an unchained coffee experience anytime, anywhere. Brewed in about a minute with absolutely no compromise on taste and quality, you’ll never miss your daily dose of caffeine again.

Perfect for the wild at heart – whether you’re scaling a mountain or conquering the urban jungle, just rip, drip, and flip the world on its head with the best pour-over you’ve ever dared to taste.

You get:
Killer Coffee™ Rip ‘n Drip Coffee Bags, 10 sachets (your choice of blend)

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Medium Roast, Industrial Strength Blend, Darkerside Blend

Medium Roast
Industrial Strength Blend
Darkerside Blend
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Packed with our premium, nitro-flushed, freshly ground Arabica, each sachet is its own drip coffee maker declaring war against mediocre, lifeless brews. Expect an explosion of clean, crisp flavor with a knockout punch that’s smooth yet strong, and totally bitter-free.

10 satchets per box.

How to brew:

You’ll need:

  • 200-250mL of Boiling water

  • Killer Coffee™ Rip ‘n’ Drip Coffee Bag

  • Cup, mug, or thermos of your choice

It’s as easy as this:

1. Start by boiling water in your kettle. For an even better taste, aim for 92°C brew temperature by waiting 60 seconds after boiling.

2. Open up your preferred Rip ‘n’ Drip satchet. Rip the dotted line horizontally to open the filter pouch, then extend the arms and place it securely on the rim of your cup.

3. Slowly pour 200-250mL of water (depending on preferred strength) over the grounds, ensuring the entire contents are wet so the extraction is even. You may have to pour multiple times, allowing for the water to drip through.

4. Remove the filter after allowing all the water to drip through.
(For an even stronger cup, allow the filter to sit immersed in the water for up to 4 minutes)

Enjoy a killer cup of coffee.

The most convenient way to brew

We’ve all got days where there’s no time to fix up a proper brew, and sadly espresso machines aren’t too fit to drag around to a hike. That’s why we’ve got these Rip ‘n Drip Coffee Bags. Invented in Japan in the 90s, these babies are one of the best ways to enjoy coffee on the go.

What does drip coffee taste like compared to other brews?
If you haven’t tried filter coffee before, you’re in for a treat. You’ll get that seriously strong yet bitter-free taste of Killer Coffee you know and love, but with a cleaner, crisper profile.

92°C? A minute off the boil? What’s the difference from using boiling water?
Water temperature matters a whole lot in brewing. Too hot and it’ll burn, getting a bitter taste that’d remind you of instant coffee – and we wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemies. Just wait one minute off the boil. Sometimes it’ll feel like the longest 60 seconds of your life but trust us, it’s worth it.

How is this better than taking a thermos of coffee with me?
Turns out coffee and oxygen aren’t the best of friends. The longer you leave coffee out the more likely you’ll start to get that ‘stale’ taste. Ten out of ten coffee snobs agree that freshly brewed is always better – and our Rip ‘n Drip Coffee Bags is probably the most convenient way to have that on-the-go. Plus the grounds in each bag are nitro flushed, keeping them fresh for longer. Neat, right?

The drip coffee bag is compostable.

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