Killer Coffee™ Capsules


For those on the go Killer Coffee™ drinkers the Nespresso-compatible capsules are your best bet. We’ve crammed as much high caffeine coffee gold into those tiny coffee capsules as we could. To give our loyal Killer followers a quick hit!

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee™ Nespresso-compatible capsules pack (amount of capsules of your choosing)

  • 20 Capsules
  • 100 Capsules
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  1. Arkhea

    Great taste! Perfect morning hit!

  2. Dave

    I was really excited to buy this coffee. Once received I made a coffee expecting it to be nice and strong, it was not 🙁 I think Im expecting to much when it comes to wanting a nice strong coffee these days, it is really hard to find a coffee that taste like coffee and is strong. Oh well the search continues.

  3. Anonymous

    There arent too many coffees on the market that have a great taste but also a great hit. This is definitely one of them!! Well done!!

  4. Ines.

    I came to this page to get the duffle bag and I had to get some coffee as well to be able to buy it. What a pleasant surprise, the coffee is delicious. I was concerned about the strength but it is so smooth and lovely, I will purchase again.

    P.s: The bag is stunning!

  5. Gav

    The best capsule coffee I’ve tried. Surprised by the quality taste as I was just expecting a big hit and nothing else. Well done.
    Seen some negative reviews that it isn’t strong, don’t buy coffee in pods and make a full size coffee if you want it strong, they can only fit 5 grams of coffee in a pod. I’d be a bit scared to try this with a big 20gram espresso shot 🙂

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