Darkerside Capsules

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Darkerside is roasted particularly dark and carries a much more extreme coffee kick in its full-bodied flavour, finishing off with a smooth and intense aftertaste.
Killer Coffee Capsules are for the original 1st generation line of Nespresso machines.

2 YEAR FRESHNESS GUARANTEE! Airtight and better than ever before at preserving the flavour and freshness of our blends.

Our aluminium capsules are 100% recyclable! Please visit the following page on how to handle your used capsuleshttps://recyclingnearyou.com.au/coffee-capsules/

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11 reviews for Darkerside Capsules

  1. Mitchell rowe

    I’ve been shopping around and testing plenty of local brews up here in brisbane, but always find myself coming back to killer coffee. No one compares when it comes to an intense and full body while still being smooth without the harsh and funny undertones many boutique roasts have. Darkside is my goto now, but I certainly don’t turn down industrial.

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