Killer Coffee™ Challenge Capsule Pack

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Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. Really Strong Coffee, on the go.

Take The Challenge. Our smooth, rich, Industrial Strength Killer Coffee™ and our death-defying, mercilessly strong Darkerside™ blends go head-to-head in this deadly combo pack. Double the punch, and no bitterness to stop you from guzzling them down. Think you can handle your caffeine?

You get:

1x Killer Coffee Industrial Strength™ Nespresso-Compatible Capsules Pack (20 or 100)
1x Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Nespresso-Compatible Capsules Pack (20 or 100)

Our capsules are 100% compostable & biodegradable (AS 4736). Contact your local council for how to properly dispose of them. To find out more, head to the following link: Compostable Capsules

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Our two famous blends, head to head in Nespresso-compatible capsules. Killer Coffee Capsules are for the original 1st generation line of Nespresso machines. Killer Coffee Industrial Strength and Darkerside are our two signature blends. Both share a rich full body and sweet dark chocolate notes. Killer Coffee Industrial Strength is a dark roasted, pleasant blend with strong flavour, notes of caramel, a smooth finish, and zero bitterness. Darkerside is roasted particularly dark and carries a much more extreme coffee kick in its full-bodied flavour, finishing off with a smooth and intense aftertaste.

8 reviews for Killer Coffee™ Challenge Capsule Pack

  1. julianvreug1

    I dont expect much from a nespresso machine, they rave on about how good they make coffee but when you have a espresso machine where you have to tamp your self and it presoaks the grindthe taste doest compare. But Honestly these are the best pods i tasted in them. Smooth and flavoursom. To get the taste you get from the espresso machine you need two pods, yet now its stronger. can feel my brain trying to wake up after one zip. These pods are especially great if have kids that need to stay asleep and you cant afford to turn on the grinder or noisy espresso machine. Can sneek a coffee before needing to go to work.

  2. Kieran

    These are amazing. Best pod coffee I have had in a long time and super cheap. Will definitely be buying more

  3. Bec

    I drink black coffee, no sugar. Some coffee has a bitter taste, Killer Coffee has no bitterness and is super pleasant to drink! It’s definitely my go to fave!

  4. tmacmillan1816

    Omg this coffee is so bloody good ,Thank you for making the best coffe out there

  5. Matt

    Best pod coffee I have ever had !! Killer coffee killing the completion

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