Killer Coffee™ Challenge Pack

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Take The Challenge. Our smooth, rich, Industrial Strength Killer Coffee™ and our death-defying, mercilessly strong Darkerside™ blends go head-to-head in this combo pack. Double the punch, and no bitterness to stop you from guzzling them down. Think you can handle your caffeine?

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35 reviews for Killer Coffee™ Challenge Pack

  1. Damien

    As if the regular blend wasnt enough for you, the good folks at Killer Coffee now give you their signature caffeine kick with the bolder, deeper taste of the Darkerside blend. This one-of-each pack is great if you love the regular blend, but like to mix it up a bit. Depending on your taste, the regular is great as your every day brew with the Darkerside reserved for when you need a bit of a smack in the face with your coffee. Definitely recommended.

  2. Keryn Thomas

    Made our whole house smell amazing when finding some beans for a cups, Tasted sensational, Delivered extremely quickly we are really happy with how it tastes, will definetely purchase again and highly recommend this coffee to anyone

  3. Sam

    Bought 1kg of each. Always drank killer coffee so figured dark side would be just as good. Its not. Its nasty.

  4. Courtney Jones

    The Vs pack is a fantastic way to compare the blends and indulge in long morning conversations about the qualities and characteristics of each. Although I have been a little late to work more than once this week, it was totally worth it! Awesome coffee, the Killer belnd is still my favorite but Ill take a shot of Darker side any day. Thanks chaps, love your work.

  5. Anonymous

    When I get it right, both Killer & Dark Side are very satisfying, like a good book, gratifying to the mind.

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