Challenge Pack

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Take The Challenge. Our smooth, rich, Industrial Strength Killer Coffee™ and our death-defying, mercilessly strong Darkerside™ blends go head-to-head in this combo pack. Double the punch, and no bitterness to stop you from guzzling them down. Think you can handle your caffeine?

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47 reviews for Challenge Pack

  1. sabine

    Best tasting coffee ever

  2. Bianca

    Fantastic quality coffee, excellent and reliable customer service

  3. Jay Abbott

    Fantastic Products already tried both🤙

  4. Barry

    Tried many different roasters and killer coffee surpasses them all. No fancy notes, just great smooth tasting coffee.

  5. Byron Brooks

    Strong without bitter after taste of other coffee company which you pay very high prices for.
    Recently recommended to local coffee shop (hope you don’t mind)

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