Killer Coffee™

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Australia’s favourite morning wake-up.
Two delicious blends carrying real punch, and no compromise on the taste of high-quality Arabica coffee.

Clear Selections

No better way to wake the hell up. Full-bodied and deliciously smooth, Killer Coffee carries a real punch with no compromises on taste. Straight from our Sydney roastery. Get a mug of liquid awesome down your gullet and find out why we’re Australia’s favourite online coffee. Killer Coffee Industrial Strength and Darkerside are our two signature blends. Both share a rich full body and sweet dark chocolate notes. Killer Coffee Industrial Strength is a dark roasted, pleasant blend with strong flavour, notes of caramel, a smooth finish, and zero bitterness. Darkerside is roasted particularly dark and carries a much more extreme coffee kick in its full-bodied flavour, finishing off with a smooth and intense aftertaste.

8 reviews for Killer Coffee™

  1. paulsully

    This coffee is strong without bitterness and consistently excellent quality

  2. tecflex

    Mate, these are the beansness! Strong and delicious, love it – 10/10

  3. Josh

    Great coffee , I have been making coffees for the work crew and everyone rates it highly, will be re ordering again

  4. Michael

    Had this advertised to me on Facebook a lot. Finally bit the bullet and I’m glad I did – it’s a great strong blend without the bitterness and goes down a treat.

  5. Taylor Keune

    Beautiful strong coffee without the bitterness. I will only drink this coffee now.

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