Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Extracting the natural and delicious flavour of our famous blends while leaving behind all the bitter acids and oils, the Toddy Cold Brew makes a silky smooth cuppa while maintaining that intensity you love.

Deceptively simple to use and versatile for brews both cold and hot, get hooked on the cold brewing sensation and make cafe-quality brews that’ll have your friends and family tipping you (or at least they should).

We suggest our Ground for PLUNGER grind option with the Toddy Cold Brew.

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What is Cold Brew Coffee?

It’s like the laid-back, sophisticated cousin of your go-to hot coffee— a smooth operator that keeps the jitters and acidity at bay while cranking up the flavour profile to 11. Cold brewing extracts the true essence of coffee beans, creating a mellower brew without pulling any punches on intensity. It’s a slower, steadier ritual that rewards your patience with a concentrate that’s smooth as a summer breeze, enjoyed as a refreshing cold drink or a soul-warming hot cup.

Unparalleled Quality

Loved by coffee aficionados worldwide, Toddy is the go-to standard for cold brew. Relied on for more than 50 years with more than 1 million sold at retail, this user-friendly and versatile BPA-free system gets you straight to the robust flavors of our hand-selected premium quality Arabica beans.

Brew Now, Sip Later

Steep overnight and reap the rewards for up to two weeks! Cold brew coffee taste fresh far longer than hot brews do. Your Toddy concentrate can be refrigerated and relished over time, making each cup a well-calculated flavor bomb.

It’s time to evolve your brewing experience. Add the Toddy Cold Brew System to your coffee toolkit and never settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Comes with 2 reusable felt filters, each recommended to be replaced after 10 to 12 uses or 3 months. Additional filters can be purchased here: Toddy Cold Brew Felt Filters


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