AeroPress (Add-On)

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ADD-ON PRODUCT: This product can only be added to carts containing one or more coffee products.
Ideal with the ‘GROUND PLUNGER’ option.

Need to get your caffeine hit quick, without compromising on flavour? Killer Coffee™ and the Aeropress is your match made in heaven.

Smooth, Rich, Pure & Fast Coffee & Espresso Ground Coffee

Aeropress is compact, sturdy and produces minimal mess, making it an ideal coffee companion for home or on the go. Coffee grounds are brewed with full immersion and then pushed through a filter to create a smooth, rich and grit-free coffee in just two minutes.

Aeropress video tutorial: Click Here
This AeroPress kit comes with paper filters. Please note we do not offer the stainless steel filter shown in the video.

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2 reviews for AeroPress (Add-On)

  1. Michelle

    I bought an Aeropress with my first order from Killer Coffee. I get to enjoy espresso style extraction out on the farm without the need for an espresso machine and all the cleaning that goes with it. So glad my mate told me about them!

  2. Allistair McCoy

    Absolutely swear by Aeropress plunger. I bought an ‘ Australian ‘ version elsewhere….dangerous junk ( O ring piston system failed)
    I bought the stainless filter from eBay. Wouldn’t be without one.

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