This Is How You REALLY Chill Your Coffee

Sometimes you need a caffeine bomb to get you through the day, and that wimpy iced latte ain’t gonna cut it. You need something hardcore, a jolt of icy deliciousness that’ll knock your socks right off. You need the Iced Italian Coffee, and it blows any of those fancy coffee shop concoctions out of the water.

Here’s the crazy-simple method (yeah, it’s kinda weird, but trust us): 

  1. Start by pouring 4 – 5 espresso shots into a glass bottle.
  2. Close the bottle and lay it on its side in the freezer, letting it get totally frozen.
  3. When the craving hits, take it out of the freezer and 1 pour more hot espresso shot. 
  4. Shake until you hear it turn slushy.
  5. Enjoy! 

Down it as a single espresso or mix with milk for an extra creamy brew.

Why This Works (And Why You’ll Never Go Back)

Freezing those espresso shots locks in all the rich, bold flavours at their peak. Then, that final blast of hot espresso melts it into this incredible slushy texture that’s icy, smooth, and intense all at once. It’s like a coffee explosion in your mouth. Ditch the watered-down sweetness. This is pure coffee power, perfect for hot days, rough mornings, and whenever you need a serious kick in the pants.

Let us know how this hits you in the comments. And if you come up with your own crazy twists on this, share ’em!  Killer Coffee is about experimentation and doing things YOUR way.

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