When using our capsules, we strongly recommend reducing your Nespresso machine’s cup size from default settings. The resulting strong, full-bodied taste will surprise you.

A typical shot from an espresso machine uses about 20g of ground coffee, four times the amount contained in a standard Nespresso capsule.

How does change the taste?

Doesn’t this just make less coffee? In a sense yes, but trying to get more coffee out of a single capsule isn’t a great idea. Simply put, the flavours of an espresso is extracted in parts over a shot, and going over or under the right ratio will throw your shot out of balance. For the same reason, you should never use a coffee capsule more than once.

On default settings, most Nespresso machines will over-extract from our coffee capsules. This means the latter end of your shot will mostly have a harsh, ashy taste, and none of the rich full-bodied flavour you’re looking for. That’s why we strongly suggest changing your machine’s cup size: in this case, less is definitely more.

How do I program my cup size?

Please note the method may vary for your model of Nespresso machine, and we strongly recommend checking the manual or contacting your manufacturer.

For most original line models, setting your cup size involves turning on your machine and waiting for the buttons to stop blinking, then pressing & holding the espresso button until your desired cup size is reached. The setting will be saved – the next time you press the espresso button your machine should pour the same cup size.

What if I want a long black? Should I use the Lungo setting?

Like with any kind of Nespresso capsule, you should only use the lungo setting with lungo capsules. Our capsules are designed for the espresso setting.

A long black is normally made by adding a double espresso shot directly over hot water. When using our capsules, try combining espresso shots from two capsules then pour over 100-160mL of water (around 95 degrees Celsius) to make a rich, smooth cup. 

Find your favourite ratio

We’ve got an Essenza Mini in our office, and a 6 second extraction on this model makes for an absolutely delicious 1:2 espresso shot.

Taste the difference, experiment, and find your own perfect brew.

How does this affect caffeine content?

It doesn’t. Caffeine is extracted early in a shot, so changing the yield generally won’t change the caffeine content of your brew.

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