Packed with our premium, nitro-flushed, freshly ground Arabica, each sachet is its own drip coffee maker declaring war against mediocre brews. Expect an explosion of clean, crisp flavor with a knockout punch that’s smooth yet strong, and totally bitter-free.

How to brew:

You’ll need:

  • 200-250mL of Boiling water
  • Killer Coffee™ Rip ‘n’ Drip Coffee Bag
  • Cup, mug, or thermos of your choice

It’s as easy as this:

1. Start by boiling water in your kettle. For an even better taste, aim for 92°C brew temperature by waiting 60 seconds after boiling.

2. Open up your preferred Rip ‘n’ Drip satchet. Rip the dotted line horizontally to open the filter pouch, then extend the arms and place it securely on the rim of your cup.

3. Slowly pour 200-250mL of water (depending on preferred strength) over the grounds, ensuring the entire contents are wet so the extraction is even. You may have to pour multiple times, allowing for the water to drip through.

4. Remove the filter after allowing all the water to drip through.
(For an even stronger cup, allow the filter to sit immersed in the water for up to 4 minutes)

Enjoy a killer cup of coffee.

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