Cold Brew Tumbler Bundle


Chug your coffee fix straight from the can with our Killer Coffee™ Canned Cold Brew, bundled with our ever-popular Killer Coffee Tumbler!

Cold Brew Can - 8-Pack

NEW LOOK, EVEN BETTER TASTE. Cold Brew cans are back and ready to prove who's the real boss in chilled black magic.

Featuring our smooth, rich Industrial Strength hand-picked blend of the finest Arabica coffee beans, we've redefined the benchmark for what an all-natural Cold Brew should taste like. Each can is brewed with absolutely no compromise on taste so you can enjoy that intense Killer flavour to the fullest.

These cans can be stored warm or cold: whether you've got limited fridge space or are hitting the road for a last-minute weekender, don't worry, our Cold Brew cans will deliver.



Taking your brew of Australia's Strongest Coffee™ with you. The Killer Coffee™ Tumbler is the perfect companion for the coffee lover on the go. BPA-Free, Stainless Steel high quality 500mL tumbler. Double walled, so you can keep your cold brew cold (or your hot brew hot).

Note: Not dishwasher safe. To clean, handwash with soft sponge. The sliding part of the lid can be taken off, but take care not to lose the lid's rubber grommet while cleaning.
The Killer Coffee Tumbler is NOT fully leak-proof. The lid is tight and resistant to leaking, but don't turn it upside-down when filled.

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