Traveler Pack – Rip ‘n Drip + Mug Bundle


Rip 'n Drip Bags

Killer Coffee™ Rip 'n Drip Coffee Bags are the ultimate solution for coffee lovers on the go. Brew up a perfect mug of coffee in a minute, anytime, anywhere!

Don't compromise on flavour or convenience. Each satchet is a drip coffee maker on its own, packed with our premium-quality, nitro-flushed, freshly ground Arabica coffee blends. Indulge in the clean, crisp flavour of drip coffee along with that rich, smooth, strong yet bitter-free coffee punch you've come to love.

Traveling? Camping? No coffee machine? No problem. Rip open a bag, hang it over your favourite mug, and pour in hot water - that's all you need to concoct the best pour-over coffee experience you'll ever have, hassle-free. Never miss out on your daily dose of caffeine again.

You get:
Killer Coffee™ Rip 'n Drip Coffee Bags, 10 Satchets (your choice of blend)

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White & Black Mug (Add-On)

Our classic Killer Coffee™ Mug but, in white! A fan-favourite since forever. Ceramic, 310mL capacity, the perfect size for guzzling down the Strongest Coffee you'll ever have.

Dishwasher safe & microwave safe.


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