Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength Capsules


For those on the go Killer Coffee™ drinkers the Nespresso-compatible capsules are your best bet. We’ve crammed as much highly caffeinated coffee gold into those tiny coffee capsules as we could. Get your Killer Coffee quick, with no compromises on that Rich, Smooth, Strong yet Bitter-Free taste.

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee™ Nespresso-compatible capsules pack (100 capsules)

Our capsules are 100% compostable & biodegradable (AS 4736). Contact your local council for how to properly dispose of them. To find out more, head to the following link: Compostable Capsules

Clear Selections

121 reviews for Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength Capsules

  1. Arkhea

    Great taste! Perfect morning hit!

  2. Dave

    I was really excited to buy this coffee. Once received I made a coffee expecting it to be nice and strong, it was not 🙁 I think Im expecting to much when it comes to wanting a nice strong coffee these days, it is really hard to find a coffee that taste like coffee and is strong. Oh well the search continues.

  3. Anonymous

    There arent too many coffees on the market that have a great taste but also a great hit. This is definitely one of them!! Well done!!

  4. Ines.

    I came to this page to get the duffle bag and I had to get some coffee as well to be able to buy it. What a pleasant surprise, the coffee is delicious. I was concerned about the strength but it is so smooth and lovely, I will purchase again.

    P.s: The bag is stunning!

  5. Gav

    The best capsule coffee I’ve tried. Surprised by the quality taste as I was just expecting a big hit and nothing else. Well done.
    Seen some negative reviews that it isn’t strong, don’t buy coffee in pods and make a full size coffee if you want it strong, they can only fit 5 grams of coffee in a pod. I’d be a bit scared to try this with a big 20gram espresso shot 🙂

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