Killer Coffee™ Challenge Pack

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Take The Challenge. Our smooth, rich, Industrial Strength Killer Coffee™ and our death-defying, mercilessly strong Darkerside™ blends go head-to-head in this combo pack. Double the punch, and no bitterness to stop you from guzzling them down. Think you can handle your caffeine?

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35 reviews for Killer Coffee™ Challenge Pack

  1. Ray

    Love both of these. Have been drinking Darkerside and it is delicious. After one cup I could taste colours and the dogs were speaking ancient Elvish. This stuff definitely helps me do stupid s@!$ faster! Would attend again.

  2. Sandy

    My first time ordering this! I have been told it is awesome! Am planning on using it as cold brew

  3. Sandy Lordan

    Am yet to sample this coffee am told it is awesome! I look forward to taking the challenge!

  4. James

    One of the best coffees I have ever tasted! I can’t believe how good it is! Can’t drink any other coffee anymore!

  5. robert graham

    Best coffee. nice and strong. Excellent.

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