Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

(63 customer reviews)


The Renegade Roasters™ have shown no mercy with this deadly blend
The Killer Coffee’s evil twin brother
Coffee bound to make your bones rattle
Come to the Darkerside

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Bag or Capsules pack (weight and grind of your choosing)

Our Darkerside Capsules are 100% compostable & biodegradable (certified AS 4736) when disposed of at a commercial compostable facility. Check with your local council for nearest facility.

Clear Selections

63 reviews for Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

  1. Kyle

    The best Ive had.

  2. Anonymous

    If you like a very Dark Roast, Darkerside may definitely be for you. My Wife and I Absolutely love Darkerside, we usually like a darker roast, and this definitely fills that Criteria.

  3. Dave Buckley

    It’s taken 54 years but finally I have tasted the ‘holy grail’ of coffee’s, time for another ??

  4. Hawt Sauce

    Not that i know what cocaine is like but based on movies it does the same thing. After 5 cups of coffee on the day that I received the product. It kept me awake from 12pm to 4am the next day. And within those days I was able to go the gym, play gridiron, attend a band gig, clean the entire house, think of crazy stuff, finish my 10 page assessment and watch 5 seasons of breaking bad. This is best coffee Ive had. Way better than energy drinks in my opinion

  5. Jeff

    This is one of the best tasting dark roast coffees out there. The standard Killer Coffee seems to have more of the caffeine buzz but this was more smooth. Would highly recommend.

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