Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

(63 customer reviews)


The Renegade Roasters™ have shown no mercy with this deadly blend
The Killer Coffee’s evil twin brother
Coffee bound to make your bones rattle
Come to the Darkerside

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Bag or Capsules pack (weight and grind of your choosing)

Our Darkerside Capsules are 100% compostable & biodegradable (certified AS 4736) when disposed of at a commercial compostable facility. Check with your local council for nearest facility.

Clear Selections

63 reviews for Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

  1. Andrew Davidson

    Easily the best coffee Ive ever had by far!!

  2. Leith

    An instantly more robust flavour than the regular Killer, the caffeine kick, even for the long-term junkie, is swift and hard. Being the coffee evangelist that I am, Ive gotten a couple I-hate-coffee friends addicted to Killer, and I cant wait to see them try Darkside. In the meantime, this is my new favourite flavourful smack of encouragement for when the get up and got got up and went. I have zero negative things to say about this, and can only ask … what comes next?

  3. helena hoogland

    Will definately keep buying this product. I love my coffee this is the nest one yet.

  4. Stacey

    After viewing the website, I was under the impression that darkside and darkerside were different versions of coffee, however I have been informed that this isnt the case. It seems they are the same thing. Some advice…. please can you be more clear in your advertising as it is misleading and confusing for your customers. However the coffee is amazing!!

  5. Val Waite

    This is getting more like that killer coffee I was looking for, good deep flavour with a nice finish

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