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Australia’s favourite morning wake-up. Keep yourself supplied on damn good coffee with our Subscription offer: sign up and we’ll place an order for you each week, fortnight, or month, completely automatically. Get 20% off your recurring orders when you subscribe.

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39 reviews for Killer Coffee™ Subscription

  1. Sue

    As it is listed..No bitterness.. Absolutely right.. The most smoothest coffee with no after nasty after taste. Gives you a refreshing taste you don’t expect in a coffee.. a great coffee hit as well. The aroma is the first WOW you notice when you open the bag of Killer coffee. Just inhaling the aroma gives you goose bumps up your arms..I totally love Killer coffee..

  2. Sue

    Great tasting coffee not bitter and is very smooth one of the best coffees I have had in a long time

  3. Craig

    I was a bit sceptical at first but i did purchase a 1kg ground for our percolator. Not only was it a great caffeine hit but it was also the one of smoothest and most delicious brews we have ever had!! Totally recommend this to anyone that wants a great coffee with that extra kick! WOW!!Thanks

  4. Walter

    I’m not really sure on caffeine content which is not an important feature of coffee for me but after reading a few reviews was very hopeful the flavour was going to be good. It was disappointing. On par with standard supermarket coffee flavours, not bitter as it was advertised just basic. If you drink coffee for flavour don’t bother.

  5. Adam

    I sought out this coffee out of an ad on facebook and it looked interesting with an interesting logo and high caffeine percentage. Trying it was easily the strongest cup i’ve had to date and one of the best tasting. It is not bitter to my surprise, although i do like bitter tasting coffee this is quite mild in the bitter department. It is by no means sweet and it is wonderful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants strong coffee. Caffeine warning though. If this coffee may be the only cup you drink a day. Or maybe this in the morning and any other brand in the late afternoon.

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