Killer Coffee™ – Australia’s Strongest Coffee

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The smooth & rich Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength, or the death-defying deadly-strong Darkerside™. Completely Bitter-Free and jam-packed with caffeine to keep you going. What’s in your cup?

Clear Selections

344 reviews for Killer Coffee™ – Australia’s Strongest Coffee

  1. Lauren

    Absolutely amazing coffee. Like biting into the coffee bean in the best way possible. Absolutely worth the price (which isn’t even bad?!). If you’re on the fence about purchasing just do it!

  2. john

    As good as you get in any coffee shop. I used to pay $4 for a in 12 coffees I have covered the cost of a kilo.

  3. Megan Boneham

    Tastes absolutely sensational and the price is great, delivery was packaged so so well

  4. paul kelly

    A college introduced me to killer coffee and it was smooth and I was impressed with the low bitterness level. I prefer the darker side roast, but both blends are good. Awesome coffee that gets a good crema using just a portable Nanopresso to extract.
    Great service and a premium coffee roast.

  5. krenim82

    awesome coffee but I want to try a cup brewed by you guys is there any shop fronts

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