Killer Coffee™ – Australia’s Strongest Coffee

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The smooth & rich Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength, or the death-defying deadly-strong Darkerside™. Completely Bitter-Free and jam-packed with caffeine to keep you going. What’s in your cup?

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344 reviews for Killer Coffee™ – Australia’s Strongest Coffee

  1. Shane

    The Dark Side… boom great tasting coffee from a self proclaimed coffee snob. Great product.

  2. Steve

    The killer coffee in both industrial and darker side blends is unbelievably great I drink 1.2 litres every morning of one or the or the other every single morning within two hours. I’ve tried others but always go back to the best which is killer

  3. Harry

    I’m pretty new to drinking coffee so I don’t tend to like most coffee and usually only drink it when I have to cram for uni. Tried this one day during SWOTVAC and really loved it, its a genuinely delicious tasting coffee and super newbie friendly. Now I drink it to enjoy it, not just to cram. Works better than a modafinil/dexy. 11/10 would recommend

  4. Felicia La France

    I have ADHD and caffeine does not have the same effect on me compared with neuro typical people so this coffee is a great find! I feel energised and clear! Thanks for making a great coffee that helps my ADHD BRAIN!

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