Killer Coffee™ Darkerside Capsules

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For those on the go Killer Coffee™ drinkers, Nespresso-compatible capsules are your best bet. Don’t be fooled by their size: these Darkerside™ capsules hold an unholy amount of caffeine. You have been warned.

You Get:

1x Darkerside™ Nespresso-Compatible Capsules Pack (amount of capsules of your choosing)

Our capsules are 100% compostable & biodegradable (AS 4736). Contact your local council for how to properly dispose of them. To find out more, head to the following link: Compostable Capsules

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8 reviews for Killer Coffee™ Darkerside Capsules

  1. dont worry, this is not my name

    its freakin delicious. nuff said

  2. Genelle

    This brew seriously hits the spot. No bitter after taste. Smooth, glossy finish. Perfect as short black or macchiato.

  3. Adam

    From the moment I ripped open the dual pod sachet the strong Coffee Bean smell was strongly apparent. One of the best aromas your nose can take in, a pure delight on your senses. Then when I made my first cup I was happy as. The taste was the best Id had from a pod and it most definitely wont be the last, all I can say is that Adore youd better start stocking up on your Darkerside.

  4. Wassim Adlouni

    Super strong coffee. Super nice. Gives u a massive kick. I use this as a Pre-Workout before gym. Best and strongest coffee I have tasted!!! 6 Stars!!!

  5. Michael

    I recently tried Darkerside Nespresso pods for the first time. I have been drinking coffee for over 30 years, and from the first cup this has been one of the best coffees I have ever had. It was nice and strong with a smooth finish. It is now my go to coffee when I want a strong coffee to keep me going. Best Coffee Ever!!

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