Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

(63 customer reviews)


The Renegade Roasters™ have shown no mercy with this deadly blend
The Killer Coffee’s evil twin brother
Coffee bound to make your bones rattle
Come to the Darkerside

You Get:

1x Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Bag or Capsules pack (weight and grind of your choosing)

Our Darkerside Capsules are 100% compostable & biodegradable (certified AS 4736) when disposed of at a commercial compostable facility. Check with your local council for nearest facility.

Clear Selections

63 reviews for Killer Coffee Darkerside™ Blend

  1. Mike Pamplin

    I may have a slight issue, I alternate between Industrial Strength and Darkerside. However 2kgs of beans only lasts me about 5 weeks. When I am home on the weekend I can drink up to 12 double shots a day. On a workday I tone it down to about 8 ish double shots. I usually purchase when there is a sale on due to my usage. And no, I’m not addicted…….

  2. Lee

    Darkerside is the best tasting of the 2 for me! I also found when trying out the Industrial Strength Blend the ground coffee is one of the finer blends you get when used in my Espresso machine. Not a problem at all as it just means not to pack the filter so much. Great coffee and I can dare to say that the Darkerside is NOW my new go to coffee for enjoyment! Worth the extra 5 bucks for consistency and a taste I won’t get bored of. Delicious! Thank you Killer Coffee Co.

    Also the novelty ‘gun’ mugs are a great addition, and actually hold really well to a perfect fit in the hand. I find that quite amusing how comfortable the novelty mug is.

  3. Jim

    First time ordering Killer Coffee. We went with the Darkerside and it is fab. My only gripe is that the grounds are possibly a bit too fine for our machine and then machine struggles to get enough pressure/flow. I’ll order beans next time and grind myself to see if this helps. But in terms of taste: Darkerside for the Win!

  4. Darren

    I have been a regular drinker of Killer Coffee for a fair while now, both Industrial and Darker side, and am completely addicted to both blends! This is the first coffee I have ever drunk that tastes as good as it smells while brewing. The merch is always great quality too!

  5. Bruce

    Best coffee ever

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