Killer Coffee™ – Australia’s Strongest Coffee

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The smooth & rich Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength, or the death-defying deadly-strong Darkerside™. Completely Bitter-Free and jam-packed with caffeine to keep you going. What’s in your cup?

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344 reviews for Killer Coffee™ – Australia’s Strongest Coffee

  1. Julie

    Received my Killer Coffee yesterday and brewed up 2 cups for my partner and I today.. wow! It’s fantastic in taste, and really gives you a kick in the wake up department! This is going to be our new go to coffee!

  2. Steve

    Wow, what a coffee! This tastes better than my favourite coffee shop. Gives you a great buzz too.

  3. hayden

    I’ve been drinking the darkside coffee now for 2 months taste is great and it gives me a huge kick that I need everyday, I even took it into my work office and everyone’s loving the kick it gives and taste amazing

  4. j

    I’ve been drinking the killer coffee industrial blend and it is the most strongest coffee I’ve ever had it is awesome and I will be buying more

  5. Tj Manning

    I been drinking killer coffee for 12 months now. I get 100 pods a month of darkerside on subscription and still need to buy another 100 extra every 3 months or so as the 100 pods doesnt last. I like my coffee strong so i have 2 pods per cup. I wouldnt necessarily say its crazy strong, however it is super smooth and no bitterness what so ever. Working in hospitality I love my coffee and have tasted so many varieties and to be honest I would rather killer coffee pods then buy a coffee out. I have all the mugs and cups and have to say the travel mug keeps the coffee nice and hot! It nice and large so I use 4 pods to fill the travel mug and it last me 2 hours and still hot!

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